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At camp, you will sleep comfortably in tent-cabins complete with beds, dressers, private deck, and view! (Sleep under the stars if you wish!) 

Elevation of camp is 3,500 feet.

  • Upon arrival, choose tents by the river or nestled among the trees
  • Spacious outside decks on all tents
  • Hot showers, clean bathrooms, and coin-operated laundry are conveniently located
  • Rocking chairs for families with infants
  • Tents vary in size, and will accommodate both small and large families


Bountiful, all you can eat healthy meals are served three times a day in a family-style dining room. Every meal includes a vegetarian option, as well as fantastic desserts! The ice cream sundae bar and fresh baked goodies are camp traditions! 
  • Outdoor BBQ by our beautiful river
  • Sunday candlelight dinners
  • Fresh salads, fruits, and vegetables at every meal
  • Special diet recommendations
  • Excellent coffee and tea all day
  • Assigned seating with your friends

Tuolumne Camp offers groups, families, and individuals a variety of outdoor or camp-related opportunities during our extended summer season. Please call (510) 981-5140 for a brochure or to talk to the camp manager about events at camp!